Nebrodi Partners


Nebrodi Mountain Range in Sicily, Italy


Nebrodi Partners is an alternative investment management firm focused on middle market private equity fund investing and coinvesting in North America and Europe.  Nebrodi was formed and is wholly-owned by the members of the former in-house private equity team at Aetna, which started and continues to manage the program for Aetna as a fully independent third party.

Nebrodi is adding a small number of clients who are looking to enhance their private markets investment efforts by working closely with an experienced, successful partner.  We believe we provide a distinctive capability that is differentiated in the marketplace, offering our clients unparalleled flexibility and transparency.


Concentrated Investment Strategies

Private Equity Fund Investments

  • Capital committed to leading middle market private equity funds in North America and Europe

Private Equity Coinvestments

  • Direct equity coinvestments made alongside our fund sponsors to finance middle market buyout transactions

Mezzanine Investments

  • Mezzanine funds and coinvestments to finance middle market buyout transactions

Benefits to Clients

  • Experience and Expertise– we are among the most experienced buy side LP teams operating in the middle market

  • Coinvesting– few LP’s can match the length of our coinvesting track record, which dates to 1993

  • Established track record– attractive returns over a 25-year period

  • High level of service– small client base and concentrated strategy enables high levels of transparency, flexibility and interaction with Nebrodi partners

Potential Client Solutions

  • Act as a “virtual” in-house team

  • Provide coinvesting services alongside an existing portfolio of funds

  • Supplement a program focused on large funds with our middle market expertise